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VC Relations(SM)

VC Relations is a customized and targeted solution for select companies (e.g. emerging technology companies, business services, foreign and/or emerging VC firms, etc.) which require ongoing communications program for maximum relationship building and deal flow generation targeting the venture capital community including entrepreneurs globally.

The VC market is nearly impossible to penetrate without established relationships.

VC Relations For Technology Entrepreneurs:

Investor Presentation Package Coaching (i.e. content of PPT, 1-page summary, etc.) to clearly tell your story to convince a select list of pre-qualified investors to take the next step with you.

Investor Strategy Development to produce a concise list of qualified investors would be most interested in your venture, and who would add most value to your company.

Test Drive your presentation in front of 2 or more VCs before you start your fundraising process. You will receive candid feedback regarding your strength and weakness of your venture from the VCs’ perspective.

Personal Introductions to up to 25 pre-qualified investors that would be most interested in your venture. We can often collect valuable feedback from the VCs who typically won't offer such information to you directly.

To see if you qualify for our coaching services, you can email Rebekah at rwu@rhpartners.com.

Recruiting From Engineers to CXOs

RHP is extending their vast high quality network to the startup and VC communities.

William Wolfram, CEO of DealDash said this: “Rebekah Wu has access to the highest quality people in the emerging technology market. She won’t waste your time with unqualified candidates. We hired the SEM & Online Display Advertising Director within six weeks of approving the job requisite.”

For inquiries about the new RHP Recruiting Service, email Rebekah Wu at rwu@rhpartners.com.

VC Relations For Foreign & Emerging VC Funds:

RHP will make introductions for you to targeted VC firms and seasoned entrepreneurs, and then help you build upon and maintain your newly formed relationship that will generate quality deal flow to achieve your goals.

Events Production & Marketing

Extending our expertise in venture capital and emerging technology entrepreneur communities
by producing your next fundraising conferences, LP meetings, Portfolio CEO forums, emerging technology-related events, open houses, and leads generation events.

Email Rebekah to work with the trusted name in the VC community.

Right-Hand Partners is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, however we will travel globally depending on the scope of the project. EmailUs@RHPartners.com


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