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Execution Matrix Workshop
A series of interactive leadership sessions designed to build a foundation for achieving the next round of funding. Each session is designed to help identify and reduce risk for further financial investment from VCs. The workshops will provide CEOs with a clear context for easier, and smarter decision making to get to the next level of funding.
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Headlines: RHP Summit

Headlines is an annual RHP Summit that brings together 20 VCs that are raising money for their next fund, 20 or more additional VCs not raising money, 10 or more global Limited Partners (LPs), and up to 10 IT startup companies raising capital. This Summit is an opportunity for VCs to meet potential global LPs one-on-one that may invest in their fund on the 23 rd and see quality deal flow on the 24 th; entrepreneurs to present in front of 30 or more active VCs, and an opportunity for global fund-of-funds and strategic LPs to meet VC firms in the Silicon Valley that are raising money, learn about the trends in venture capital, and sample quality deals VCs are funding. Read more
Visibility Conference
"Visibility Conference" is simply this—a conference with 10 Investors and 10 Startups. Presenting companies have an ideal opportunity to meet with investors in an intimate setting. You don't have to fight for attention in a packed room of entrepreneurs and service providers any more!
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Founders' Circle

This conference is limited to founders of emerging IT companies to come together to form camaraderie, identify key success factors for founders making an ongoing positive contribution to the company, and openly discuss what they believe is emerging in today's high-tech marketplace.
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Carpe Diem! Lunchtime Pitching Event
The Carpe Diem! lunches are for entrepreneurs to connect with VCs, Angels and other entrepreneurs to share information, resources and experience. The mission is to support entrepreneurs to build their companies, acquire and service customers and partners
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Gallery Of Funds

This is an opportunity for VCs to showcase their fund to the entrepreneur community. This is the event where entrepreneurs can get straight answers to lingering questions that are not already answered on the VCs' websites. Read more
The Red Carpet Event
Are you a CEO of an emerging company that recently got funded by institutional or strategic investors between November 24, 2001—March 31, 2002? If so, congratulations!
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Fearless Leaders' Forum

This forum is for high-tech entrepreneurs to hear about successes and failures from founders and CEOs of companies that have led successful liquidity events (M&A or IPO). These "fearless leaders" will be interviewed about their experience of founding and/or leading successful and failed companies including strategy, execution, their inner drive, growing pains, and learned lessons. Read more


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