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Headlines: RHP Summit
"Headlines" is RHP's annual Summit with 20 VCs either raising their next fund or not, 10 or more global Limited Partners (LPs), and up to 10 IT startup companies looking for funding.

This Summit is an opportunity for VCs to meet potential global LPs one-on-one that may invest in their fund on the 23rd and see quality deal flow on the 24th; entrepreneurs to present in front of 30 or more active VCs, and an opportunity for global fund-of-funds and strategic LPs to meet VC firms in the Silicon Valley that are raising money, learn about the trends in venture capital, and sample quality deals VCs are funding.

Day I: Track I (limited to VCs presenting one-on-one to LPs : Selected VCs will have 25 minutes of one-on-one time with matching LPs. There will be a dinner following the day event where each roundtable (mixed with VCs and LPs) will discuss topics of interest. Such topics suggested by registered LPs include VC market, Asia, potential investments, etc.

If you are interested in content coaching from RHP, we can offer 2 hours of content coaching as part of the fee.

Day II: Track II (limited to VCs and LPs) will be panels of industry experts and VCs speaking on closely watched industries. The afternoon will be a discussion on investment opportunities in China today and opportunities after 2008 Olympics. The moderator in the afternoon is Alex Chen, MD at Zero2IPO, an advisory services company in private equity including investment and fundraising advisory, IPO and M&A financial service, portfolio management and management consulting. We are expecting 5 or more VCs from China to participate.

Day 2: 8AM to 2PM, up to 10-selected early stage companies (Series A, B, C, and restart) will present in front of 30 or more VCs. As usual, they will be rigorously screened and coached by RHP. The companies will give a 10-minute presentation, and receive 10 minutes of feedback and questions from investors sitting in the audience. The fundraising event is focused on IT, including: software, hardware, semiconductor, technology enabled services, communications, systems, consumer electronics, etc.

Selected early stage IT companies will give a 10-minute presentation, and receive 10 minutes of feedback and questions from investors sitting in the audience. During other presentations, CXOs will be sitting with the investors in the audience for maximum networking opportunity.

Please note: Entrepreneurs' participation is limited to the fundraising conference on Day 2.


“Right-Hand Partners is an outstanding resource for start-ups seeking venture funding. RHP provided valuable presentation coaching in preparation for what turned out to be an extremely well run and well attended event. The one-on-one visibility conference gave our company access to over 20 VCs in one shot. We communicated our message to more VCs in one morning than we have in the last six months combined." (Ben Dehan, CEO, DinnerBroker)

"Right-Hand Partners did a great job qualifying and coaching companies to present at their One-to-One Visibility Conference. The difference really showed and, as a result, this was a terrific use of time, because each entrepreneur's message was focused and effective." (Alex Osadzinski, Venture Partners, Trinity Ventures)

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Sample List Of Companies That Received Financing Who Also Presented At Right-Hand Partners Produced Conferences


Layer 7 Technologies
Leopard Logic

ONSET Technology

RHP Summit — Early Stage (Series A, B, & C)










IT including s/w, technology-enabled services, communications, h/w, computing, optical networking, component of a system, electronics, semiconductor, systems, mobile, wireless, etc.

Application Directions For Entrepreneurs Only! (If you are a VC or a LP, please email Rebekah directly for more information.)

The selection process is 2-fold. First, the screening team will select 12 candidates out of all the applications submitted by the deadline TBA

And second, the 12 candidates will participate in a 30-minute presentation auditions where we will select up to 10 that will present at the conference.

It takes three easy steps to apply for this event: application deadline is TBA.

  1. First, email your executive summary to apply@rhpartners.com with the name of your company at the subject line.
  2. Next, fill out the application form. Click here to apply for this remarkable opportunity!
  3. Finally, go to Mollyguard to submit your $35 application fee to be considered. This is not the registration fee for the event. However, if you are a client of or member of any of the following firms or associations: Right-Hand Partners, Trinet, Fenwick & West, PeopleConnect, Microsoft, ABD, Strategic Design Group, SV Bank, SV BizInk, Link SV clients; SDForum, SVASE,FWE, TIE, eBIG, SVCWireless, WorkIt, New CEO Club, and ASVC members, the discounted application fee is $25.

If you are selected to present, you will receive a link to pay the $1000 company participation fee that includes up to 3 hours of presentation content coaching. The $1000 admits 2 people per company into the conference. You can register a 3rd team member for $295.

If you have any questions, please EmailUs@rhpartners.com

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