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Right-Hand Partners (RHP) is a VC Relations company - a trusted conduit to reach the venture capital community - and recruiting partner for the startup community from engineers to CXOs. RHP has helped 48 companies raise over $200M since 2001; 24 companies have been acquired totaling ~$1B+. RHP is now extending their vast high quality network to the startup community.

RHP has relationships with hundreds of venture capitalists representing over 150 VC firms mostly in the Silicon Valley (SV).

11/2001 to Present Success

RHP has helped 48 companies raise money totaling over $200M. In addition, 24 companies that RHP has coached have been acquired totaling ~$1B+.

Companies RHP coached that raised money:
Acceeze Communications, Accordus, Aethon, Aravo Solutions, Axonwave, Azerity, Chip Express, Cloudshield Technologies, DealDash, FonJax, HealthyOut, Hyperactive Technologies, iCopyright, Infotone, IP Locks, Kilopass, Layer 7 Technologies, Leopard Logic, LiteScape Technologies, Marketfish, Media Publisher, Mi5 Networks, Miradore, Neterion, nCircle Network Security, nSite, ONSET Technologies, Optena, Quantum4D, Queplix, RadVault, Replay Solutions, S2io, Sapias, Scayl, SeeControl, Sensinode, Sococo, SpectraSwitch, Streamplay, Teranex, TransBio Tec, Vivotech, Utopy, Xumii and Yodio.

Founding Partner

Rebekah Wu founded Right-Hand Partners based on her own experiences as an entrepreneur seeking start-up capital. During those years, she attended and presented at venture conferences, built out a team, developed the products, and hired consultants and professional service providers. Even after spending thousands of dollars and hours, she was often unsatisfied with the results for her money and time. She found very few providers that produced deliverables that proved they could see through the eyes of the entrepreneur.

Therefore, Rebekah decided to be THE "solution" for entrepreneurs... someone that could be counted upon as a "right-hand partner": to often make the first move on behalf of her clients, to facilitate critical introductions, and to catalyze business transactions that will catapult them to the next level. Right-Hand Partners has done just that, working selectively with cutting-edge startup companies and leading venture capital and angel groups throughout the SF Bay Area.

Since founding RHP in 2001, Rebekah has coached 48 companies raise over $200M of venture capital. 24 of those companies have been acquired totaling ~$1B. She has produced over 150 events bringing together active VCs and quality entrepreneurs.

Rebekah was not only an experienced Founder and CEO of a software startup, but she was previously the E-Commerce Strategy Mgr. at a Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, and a Regional Mgr. of Internet Solutions at AT&T.

Rebekah’s passion is singing sacred medievel and early music and is currently a soprano in the Cathedral Schola and Chalice Consort.

Sample List Of Clients

Acceeze Communications (funded)
Accordus (funded & acquired by Timogen Systems)
Aethon (funded)
Aravo Solutions (funded)
Axonwave (funded)
Azerity (funded)
Chip Express (funded)
Cloudshield Technologies (funded & acquired by SAIC)
DealDash (funded)
DinnerBroker (acquired by Federated Media)
FonJax (funded)
Full Degree (acquired by Amphire Solutions)
HealthyOut (funded)
Hyperactive Technologies (funded)
iCopyright (funded)
Infotone (funded)
Insideview (funded)
Insights OnDemand (acquired by Accenture)
IP Locks (funded & acquired by Fortinet)
Kilopass (funded)
Layer 7 Technologies (funded & acquired by CA Technologies)
Leopard Logic (funded & acquired by Agate Logic)
LiteScape Technologies (funded)
Marketfish (funded)
Media Publisher (funded)
Mi5 Networks (funded & acquired by Symantec)
Miradore (funded)
NewAmericaSoftware (acquired)
Neterion (funded & acquired by EXAR)
nCircle Network Security (funded & acquired by Tripwire)
nSite (funded & acquired by SAP Business Objects)
ONSET Technology (funded)
Optena (funded)
OSA Technologies (acquired by AVCT)
Quantum 4D (funded)
Queplix (funded)
RadVault (funded)
Replay Solutions (funded & acquired by CA Technologies)
S2io Inc. (funded & acquired by Neterion)
Sapias (funded & acquired by Wireless Matrix)
Scayl (funded)
SeeControl (funded)
Sensinode (funded & acquired by ARM)
Singlestep Technologies (funded)
Sococo (funded)
SpectraSwitch (funded)
Streamplay (funded)
Symphoniq (acquired by BMC)
Teranex (funded & acquired by Jupiter Systems)
TransBioTec (funded)
TriAccess Technologies (acquired by TriQuint Semiconductor)
Utopy (funded & acquired by Genesys)
Vivotech (funded & acquired by Sequent)
Xumii (funded & acquired by Myriad)
Yodio (funded)

Conference Production Clients
Cypress Semiconductor
Mitsui Venture Partners
The Robotics Foundry

Tomlinson Zisko LLP
Oulu High Growth Venturing Conference

Partial List Of VC Firms In Our Network

500 Startups, Accel, ATV, Aeris Capital, Alchemist Accelerator, Allegro VP, Alloy Ventures, Alsop Louie Partners, Altos Ventures, Amacus, AMD, Apex VP, Applied Materials, Artiman, Asset Management, ATA, August Capital, Band of Angels, Bain Capital, Bay Partners, Benchmark, BBVA, BDC, Bertelsmann Digital Media Fund, Birchmere, BlueRun, Blumberg Capital, BV Capital, Bullpen Capital, Canaan, Cervin, Citi, Charter Life Sciences, Claremont Creek, Clearstone VP, CMEA, Comcast, Correlation Capital, Crosslink Capital, CT Ventures, DCVC, DBL Investors, DCM, DELL, DFJ, Docomo, Draper Richards, EMC, Entrepia, Emergence Capital, First Round Capital, Formative, Forte, Foundation Capital, Founders Circle Capital, Franciscan Partners, Gabriel VP, GE, Global Catalyst Partners, Granite Global, Granite Ventures, Greylock, Harris & Harris, Highland Capital Partners, Highway1 Accelerator, Horizon VC, Hummer Winblad, IBM, IDG Ventures, Ignite VP, Ignition, In-Q-Tel, Industry Ventures, Institutional VP, Intel, InterWest Partners, Inventus Capital, JAFCO, Javelin VP, Juniper Networks, Latteral VP, Lightspeed VP, Longitude Capital, Mayfield, Menlo, MHS Capital, Mitsui, Mohr Davidow, Morganthaler, Motorola, NEA, Nexit Ventures, Nokia, Northbridge VP, Norwest, ONSET, Opus Capital, Partech Int’l, Pitango VC, Polaris VP, Presidio VP, Prolific VC, Psilos, Redpoint, Relay Ventures, Qualcomm, Rembrandt VC, Rockport Capital, RRE, Rustic Canyon Group, RWI Group, Samsung Open Innovation, Rho Ventures, Saints Capital, SanDisk, Sand Hill Angels, SAP, Scale VP, Shasta, Siemens, Sierra, Sigma Partners, Silver Lake Kraftwerk, Sofinnova, SoftTech VC, Storm, Sand Hill Angels, Structure Capital, Sutter Hill, SV Angel, T-Ventures, Tallwood VC, Technology Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Tekton Ventures, Telefonica, The Social+Capital Partners, Three Arch Partners, TiE Angels, Trident Capital, Trinity, UPS, USVP, VantagePoint VP, Velocity VC, Venrock, VMWare, Voyager Capital, Vulcan Ventures, Walden VC, WI Harper, etc.

Advisory Board

Steve Ciesinski,
SRI International

David Epstein,
Partner at Epstein Advisors; former GP at Crosslink Capital

Curtis Feeny,
GP at Voyager Capital

Mitchell Kertzman,
GP at Hummer Winblad

Bob Marsh,
Former GP at Red Rock Ventures

Matt Miller,
General Partner at Walden VC

Alex Osadzinski
former Venture Partner at Trinity Ventures

Len Rand,
Former Managing Director at Granite Ventures

Tom Shields,
CEO at Yieldex; former GP at Woodside Fund

Robert Simon,
Partner at Saints Capital


The Tech Futures Group works exclusively with technology companies. A team of advisors provides full-service advisory services to technology companies at no cost.The goals of this group are to assist technology companies to commercialize their products or services and to secure equity funding. The SBDC does not take an equity interest stake in its clients; its only goal is to help these companies start and grow at no cost to the entrepreneur. http://techfuturesgroup.org/

Voyager Capital is a leading West Coast information technology venture firm that provides entrepreneurs with the resources, experience and connections to build successful companies. Voyager invests primarily in early stage, digital media, software and services, wireless and cleanIT companies, where the firm's domain expertise, and go to market and team building resources help build market leaders. Voyager Capital has $370 million under management with offices in Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Menlo Park, California. www.voyagercapital.com

If you are only interested in becoming a Partner-Level Events Sponsor, you can EmailUs@rhpartners.com

Strategic Affiliations

D2M's mission is to empower our clients with breakthrough products by aggressively executing innovative applications of technology and providing support to our clients from concept through to manufacturing. In fulfilling this mission, D2M offers three services to its clients: product development, comprehensive cost reduction of existing products, and strategic business development services. In the area of product development, D2M's capabilities span the disciplines of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software, and manufacturing engineering. In the area of sourcing, D2M's expertise includes a unique service that assists clients in reducing the cost of its products by integrating aggressive worldwide sourcing with evaluation and
implementation of re-designs for cost reduction. In addition to these services, D2M also can assist clients in organizational development and optimization of the R&D and engineering functions.



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